Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Macy & Her Belly Button :p

Macy discovered her belly button early on and she is ALWAYS playing with it, pulling on it, tugging at it or wanting to see someone else's...she is truly fascinated!
She might be distracted for a moment but not enough to take her hands off of it...
She thinks belly buttons are the MOST wonderful thing...as you can see from her complete happiness with hers!

Just checking to make sure it's still there...

As usual...making sure Marin's is there too! Who knew belly buttons could create such wonder!?!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morgan Turns 8!!!

Morgan giving Marin lots of hugs after receiving a necklace & bracelet from her.
Opening her gifts from her sisters, while they look on...

Morgan received a "new" pair of earrings from Grammie (she got her ears pierced for her birthday...a gift from mom & dad) she said she "can't wait till she can change them so she can wear grandma's pair!"

Morgan was VERY excited to get a horse toy from Nana & Pa...she adores anything that has to do with horses!

Morgan making wishes & blowing out her candles...
Happy Birthday Sweet Morgan!!!