Thursday, April 29, 2010

Megan Makes The Principal's List!!!

Megan not only made the Honor Roll but she made the Principal's List too! Which is the highest academic award at her school! As part of the ceremony each child that makes the principals list receives a package with gift certificates for free pizza, free breakfast at an AWESOME breakfast spot in town, free skate pass, free mini golf, etc. plus the kids get a stuffed manatee (the school mascot) and then every quarter they make the principals list they get outfits, backpack, hat for their manatee (kind of like a build-a-bear). Here's Megan waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin...
Megan receiving her award & package from the principal, Betsy Asheim-Dean, and school guidance counselor, Susan Wilhelm.
On her way back to her seat looking cute as can be!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Morgan Turns 9!

Morgan had a great birthday this year! Morgan chose "Enchanted" as her cake...who doesn't love a princess in a poofy dress? With that crown all Morgan needed was the poofy dress!
Making a wish!
Reading birthday cards...
Finishing with the best part...birthday presents!!!
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Afternoon on the Scooters

Megan, Morgan, Marin & Macy posing for the camera outside our house before a Saturday afternoon of playing on their scooters, a favorite past time at the Parisi homestead.
Macy LOVES LOVES LOVES her scooter and that maybe understating how much she LOVES her scooter. She is also super great about stopping to give me a smile :)
Morgan striking a pose...what balance...
All the girls (plus a neighborhood friend) playing "ice rink" on their scooters around our cul-de-sac. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
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Mckinley's First "Saucer Time"

Mckinley was not quite 4 months old when she had her first time in the play saucer. She wasn't exactly sure what to make out of it, she sat in the seat and just took the experience in...
Checking out the squeaky lobster...
I think she may be liking this whole saucer thing...
or maybe not.
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Brelynn 's Baptism

My wonderful sister (in-law) Teresa and her family, Jeff (Mark's brother) J.P., Brelynn, Garett & Rachel before Brelynn's baptism began. This was a very special day for our whole family...we were all extremely excited to celebrate this amazing day with Brelynn and her family. What a beautiful family they are!
After the baptism we all enjoyed a fabulous breakfast at First Watch and while we waited for our table Mark snapped some super sweet photos of cousins, Macy & Rachel, this was one of those.
Group shot...
The youngest family member in attendance...Mckinley Grace.
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Marin's Passion

One of Marin's Christmas presents was piano lessons. She was very excited for her first lesson which started Jan.9th, 2010.
Marin says she is looking forward to "mastering" this instrument and allowing it to help accompany her in her songwriting.
Her first photos of her first piano lesson. Documentation of the very beginning!
This is what the girls and I were doing during Marin's lesson...playing and being silly with the camera in the car...sitting in the car for 35 minutes with 4 girls...what else can you expect but silly play with the camera :)
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Our New Year's Day 2010

On New Years day we took all the girls to the park and it was FREEZING...Florida cold but COLD none the less so Mckinley was wrapped up tight. I had her in a warm outfit, hat, fleece blanket and Marin's sweatshirt just for good measure (that's probably why you can hardly see her in this picture :p)
Macy sitting pretty in the mouth of the hippo...dang she's a cute kid!
My big girls having fun together and posing for the camera.
If you can't lean on your sisters who can you lean on?! We had lots of fun at the park and it was the perfect way to bring in the New Year!
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My Fabulous Sister!

Samantha is my fabulous sister-in-law! She is my brothers wife and one of my most favorite people. While she & my brother were here for Christmas she and I took advantage of an afternoon together. We started out with a manicure & pedicure (which is one of the most wonderful ways to relax) then onto lunch where we spent the next bit of time catching-up, sharing secrets and creating a wonderful memory. Samantha is a phenomenal woman/person/sister. She is kind, gentle and generous. She is independent and strong. She is the perfect equal/balance to and for my brother. I am so grateful for her...for the wife she is to my brother, for the sister she is to me, for the way she fits so perfectly into our family. Yes it's easy to say she is a fabulous sister! Samantha, I love you sistah!!!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Christmas Dinner 2009

Thankfully this was a year we went out for Christmas dinner (5 kiddos + the youngest not even 3 months old= dinner out) Grammie, Uncle Ford, Aunt Samantha, Opah, the girls, Mark & I enjoyed a wonderful meal at The Pollo Grille in Lakewood Ranch...
Macy and mommy giving some love to the camera...
My favorite brother & his beautiful wife snuggling with Mckinley.
This is how the girls spent the end of dinner (after they were done eating & the grown-ups were still socializing...)
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Christmas Morning 2009

The Christmas tree before anyone was allowed to touch anything...Meg received a new bike from Santa, it's hard to see but Morgan's guitar from Santa is tucked away in the left hand corner and all other goodies from the "Big Guy" just waiting for the pitter patter of little feet to discover them.
Macy unwrapping one of her favorite gifts...a mermaid Barbie.
Marin had just opened her favorite gift...a cell phone...and the squeals of delight from her were so loud that Morgan had to cover her ears. It was an AWESOME reaction which was followed by lots of hugs and kisses for Dad & I.
Morgan's favorite MP3 player...which as you can see made her extremely happy which was also followed by lots of hugs and kisses for Dad & I.
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Christmas Eve At Pa & Nana's

Christmas Eve is usually spent at Pa and Nana's house...dinner, gifts, family and lots of Christmas F-U-N! Another Christmas tradition is that after the girls open their presents Nana ALWAYS gets down on the floor and plays with them. We love Nana and how she loves to get down & play...
Uncle Ford laxin' with Mckinley. I love how she's just hanging out completely comfortable and how Uncle is looking at her adoringly...they love each other! I love that!
Nana just opened her Wii and was soooo very excited! Good surprise Pa!

Pa and Meg at the end of the night...Merry Christmas Eve :)
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