Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Labor Has Begun...

These are the first pictures taken of my labor. When my labor started Mark was on duty (and on a fire call...) so during the first part of my labor while I was walking around, leaning on counters and swaying my hips (i.e. making dinner, bathing children and tucking them in) my "photographer" was fighting a fire. I truly am married to a Jack of all trades! Once he got home he was able to get some awesome photos...in this one I was saying a quick prayer, asking Heavenly Father (once again) for the strength I would need, an easy (within reason) labor/birth and for a healthy outcome.

No longer saying a prayer...contractions contractions contractions...glad that Mark was home and ready for my other moral support to arrive (Harmony).

Mark snapped a picture of my most helpful birthing tool...my yoga ball...the ONLY place I wanted to sit, rock, sway once my labor really started progressing.

Harmony (thankfully) snapped this photo...the Harvest Moon that I birthed under. If you look closely you can see the stars...
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Into The Pool I Go...

When I started out in the pool this was the most comfortable position for me and Mark was AMAZING!!! His words of encouragement and comfort helped me to relax and allow my labor to progress beautifully...THANKS BABE!!!!

I am soooo grateful for WONDERFUL midwives! Harmony is one of my greatest assets in labor...at this moment I was thick into my contractions and she whispered the perfect words to remind me of exactly what I needed to hear. I love her and am very thankful for the support she gives me before, during and after baby...THANKS Harmony!

During my contractions/labor Mark was there every step of the way. He's without a doubt the BEST support/partner/coach a girl could ever ask for!

This was the very moment Mark placed the baby on my chest. I love the girls faces in this picture (they waited so patiently during my labor) they range from astonishment to relief and happiness and as for Jen, I think she felt all three...astonishment, relief and happiness all at the same time. I love you Jen :) and think your AWESOME! When Mark placed the baby into my arms my hand just instinctively grabbed the head and the other hand the bum and between the legs I felt and automatically knew...baby girl #5!
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