Friday, October 30, 2009

Mckinley's Here!!!

The whole gang! This is everyone who helped make Mckinley's birth an AMAZING experience...First and foremost my INCREDIBLE husband/coach/inspiration (Mark's words of encouragement during labor truly made all the difference to me!) then all of our girls...Marin, Morgan, Megan & Macy. Next the GREATEST MIDWIVES IN THE UNIVERSE, Harmony & Alina! Then one of the best friends in my life, my mother :) Also some of the most wonderful girlfriends I could ever be blessed with, Jen & Lisa and last but not least my little bro (from another mother...) and taking the pictures for us Josiah. Not to mention on the phone was my Bestie (in California) Suzy Q!

Moments after Mckinley was born...

Mckinley getting a splash of water to stay warm.

One last picture of the family before getting out of the pool...Mark and myself with all 5 of the girls with Harmony, Rio and Alina.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Macy 2nd Birthday Celebration!

Morgan, Megan, Macy & Marin all smile & say "cheese" for the camera before Macy started opening her gifts.
Macy wanted to sit on big sister Marin's lap while she opened one of her presents.
We saved the best for last...Grammie got Macy a baby doll of her own! Now she doesn't have to "borrow" Megan's babies anymore. Definitely Macy's most favorite gift!!!
Macy sitting on her new birthday bench, holding her birthday water snake and her new baby doll & bottle (with the baby bag on the table) What a great birthday!
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Macy's 2nd Birthday Celebration

Macy's cake...butterflies and all :)
Daddy & Macy listening to everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to our now 2 year old!
Blowing out the candles & making a wish...
After blowing out the candles Macy gave Daddy a quick snuggle... What a wonderful 2nd birthday for such a WONDERFUL little girl!!!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Belly Photos At The Beach...

Morgan, Megan & Macy stop to pose for the camera on our way down to the water (just LOVE the miles and miles of white sand!)
Mark wanted to get a few shots of the girls and I together before we lost the sunset and this was the sweetest thing...once we all came together to "smile for the camera" all the girls just put their hands on my belly seemingly at the same time and looked over at was AWESOME! The girls no doubt love this baby (before she even gets here...) just as much as they love one another :)
This is me at 39 weeks...
Whoa Belly! One week before my due date...(who knew I'd be a week late!)
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My Belly Photos At The Beach :)

My amazing husband taking "artistic" liberties with my very pregnant silhouette and the sunset...
My VERY pregnant belly with Marin running through the surf in the background.
Our four amazing and beautiful daughters walking hand in hand on Siesta Beach at sunset. I LOVE that they love each other!!!
This is how we ended our evening...Slurpee's from 7-11...Macy "shared" Daddy's, although I think Mark definitely got the short end of that stick. As you can see Macy takes Slurpee's very seriously (both hands on, her foot wrapped around the cup like the monkey that she is and looking like the cat who ate the canary!)
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