Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who knew popsicles could be so much FUN!

Macy was sooo excited to get her popsicle...as you can see from the sheer joy on her face!
Quite focused at this point and making short work of it...
Going to town...
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Pizza Night!!!

Another family tradition..."Pizza Night"! This particular night it was Megan's turn to be Daddy's assistant pizza chef (with Marin sneaking a smile in for the camera :-)
Megan & Daddy checking the progress of pizza #1...
Two of my favorite pizza chefs!
The finished product...Yummy!!!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Newest Addiction...

FACEBOOK...I love it!
It's sooo much fun to catch up with friends I haven't seen in years or just keep current with friends now that I don't always get to see/talk to due to busy lives. It's amazing to me to see how many people I went to High School with that still live here in town & I never see or run into (just when you think Sarasota is still a small town your quickly reminded it's not)

I love being able to see how everybody is doing and what fascinating things are going on in everyones lives even though I would never be able to do that just through "normal" means of contact or communication. The Internet is an amazing thing. I think my favorite part is being able to "talk" to my sisters & see how my nieces and nephew are doing up north (& other family members) almost on a daily basis which was hard to do before. I love that!!

Thanks Jen...for continuously telling me to do it & how much fun it was and for not letting up on me to do it...(when I didn't the first 15 times you told me to)...you were right, my sistah!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Their Dropping Like Flies...

Well we have spent the past 4 days dealing with the Norovirus...WOO HOO!! Lots of fun at the Parisi house!

It started Friday night when I took all the girls crafting at Nana Brett's home (which we had been trying to plan for three weeks) we'd been there for about 45 min. and after saying hello to her kitty's & getting some hot chocolate the girls had just started to get their scrapbook pages going when Miss Megan got "the look". You know that look...the look of complete and total outer darkness that is going to come up from the deep depths of your gut...yeah, that's the look. The look that as soon as you see it you know what's coming next yet there is never enough time to digest the fact that it's coming and you can't react quick enough to ward off cleaning up a huge mess. Yeah that look...

Thank goodness for Nana Brett who was so gracious and even though I felt AWFUL she never once made me feel that way...love you Nana Brett! So in sparing a few of the details we came home & after getting everyone else showered and into bed Megan and I sat up ALL night long while she proceeded to get sick pretty much every hour on the hour until about 5 am when it just magically stopped, of course the rest of the household was starting to rouse by 7:30 am so there was no rest for the weary.

Thus began the next 2 days of cleaning & sanitizing my ENTIRE house! I cleaned like the plague had been here (and I did not want it to come back) but much to my dismay that is not the end of my tale. Mark & the girls arrived home from Church early yesterday due to the fact that Marin was now sick and she too proceeded to get sick almost every hour until about 9 pm (at least she was able to get a decent night's sleep) and just as I woke up this morning listening to my husband leaving for the Fire Dept. thinking that maybe we made it through the worst of it Morgan showed up in front of bed saying "mommy, I don't feel very good" at which time she proceeded to get sick.

Yep...you guessed it every hour...although she hasn't gotten sick for about
2 1/2 hrs. at this point and has been able to keep 2 glasses of Ginger Ale down, so fingers crossed hopefully she's through it, although I won't hold my breath.

So now I'm just waiting for Macy's, Mark's and my turn which should be starting any day/moment now and then I will once again sanitize my house as if the plague has been here and pray that we have expelled enough, fought hard enough, sanitized enough to kick that Noroviruses butt!!! Cause Lord knows it's kicked ours...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Santa Picture!!

Every year we visit Santa and get pictures with him and this year was no exception! The girls all love this family tradition and can't wait to pile onto Santa's lap, of course Macy was some what apprehensive about this process but for the most part she handled the whole "Santa" thing pretty well. Soon Santa's lap won't be big enough to hold all those Parisi kiddos...thanks Santa for being such a great sport :-) We love you!
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Christmas Pictures in Front of the Tree

It's that time of year again...Christmas Pictures!

The girls are conditioned to know that every year (after we get Nana's "traditional gift" of the girls Christmas dresses) we take photos in front of our Christmas tree.

One of my most favorite things about my girls is that they truly love each other & how they are always snuggling next to each other and picture time is no exception...although Macy is still learning this "tradition" and was definitely not a big fan of sitting to have her photo taken with the older girls. She much preferred walking around with her Pooh bear.
One of the few pictures we got of Macy laughing that morning...probably because she was up walking around rather than being cajoled into sitting in front of the tree. Marin & Morgan were quite amazed by her silliness (or should I say sassiness!)
Ahh haaa! Daddy was able to get Macy to sit long enough to get a few pictures of Macy with her sisters but only because he "bribed" her with a lollipop, which as you can see by this photo she was very happy about! Only thing was Daddy wouldn't take the wrapper off the lollipop and Macy was only happy to take the picture while showing us the lollipop...the best laid plans of mice & men.
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