Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning! Before anything was touched...
We have a strict rule at our house...no one is allowed to open anything until everyone is up and sitting around the tree and no one is allowed to wake Mom & Dad up before 8 am. It never fails every Christmas morning we can hear 5 little people sitting around the tree shaking presents and trying to guess what they each have received from Santa. Then they all tiptoe into our room, whispering and giggling as they all stare at us waiting for the clock to tick 8 o'clock. Once it does...no one is safe or should I say no present is safe.
Morgan & Mckinley smile for the camera as Mckinley tries Megan's new headphones from Uncle Ford & Aunt Samantha.
Megan and her headphones...she wanted these sooo badly!
Not everyone can be happy on Christmas...
Mommy always makes things better. <3
As does Daddy & his earphones, Mckinley loves listening to music through earphones (think we had a bit of a ear/headphones theme this year?!)
My sweet red!
Morgan playing one of her gifts...the babysitting wii game.
Macy being...Macy (and showing off one of her gifts, her princess dress, it even says it on the front!) Dang she is one cute kiddo!!!
Later that night we had a small family dinner that consisted of some of our family favorites..steak, Honey Baked ham, mashed potatoes and asparagus. Hmmmmm....soooo goood!
Merry Christmas 2010!
(just for reference that's sparkling cider in all our glasses :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night!

December's Lunar Eclipse

December 21,2010- This was to be the first total Lunar Eclipse to occur on the night of the Northern Winter Solstice since 1638. Pretty cool! This was a freezing cold night and the girls went to bed begging us to wake them up so they could watch the Lunar Eclipse that was supposed to happen around 1:30 am. Mark & I decided to wait to wake them until things really started happening. This was the first shot of the moon that night.
We woke the girls up about 2:30 am when we noticed the moon starting to "change"...(which it really didn't change that's just what Megan kept saying about it!)
It's almost gone! Only a sliver left...
It's done! We watched a total Lunar Eclipse! Something that happens once every 19 years. It was neat to watch although I think by the time it finished the girls were beyond ready for bed...a bit anti-climactic for them but an experience still the same.