Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Says You Can't Run Through The Sprinkler In October?!

While Mark was in the front yard washing the cars Morgan & Megan asked if they could run through the sprinkler...these are the photos that came from that F-U-N!!!
There's nothing better to a 5 & 7 year old than getting sprayed on a warm day with a cool hose!
Then again if your 5 (and one of the littlest sisters) there's probably nothing better than being the one doing the spraying...
They both said it was easier to "see" with the goggles on, I don't know if that's true but I do know that they like cute as heck!!! (Silly but adorable :p)
Sisters are the best friends to have, especially while running through the sprinkler...in October...only in Florida!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Sisters Are Great !!!

The other day after Meg got home from school & showered she decided Macy wanted to play "teacher/school". So Megan started drawing different pictures on Macy's dry erase board & asked Macy to tell her what they were. Macy loves (most) every moment of Megan's animated play time & just watched her intently waiting for the right moment to chime in...

Meg's drawing of a witch (lots of Halloween costume talk around our house lately)

Megan pointing to the different parts of the witch (she's been learning about digestion in school & was pretending that Macy was telling her where the witch's mouth was, esophagus was, etc.) Again, Macy was just watching intently in the background...waiting for the right moment to make her voice heard...

Macy chiming in...with squeals of delight!!! It's so great to have big sisters to entertain you with their imaginations !!!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Macy Kathryn Turns 1!!!!

Macy gets a little help from her sisters & cousin Garett in blowing out her candle (which she isn't the least bit interested in)

Not sure what to make of her "monkey" cupcake??

Making quick work of the it...

Definitely think she likes it...(there was almost nothing left it!)
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Macy Kathryn Turns 1!!!!!

Macy's cake...that was sooo incredibly easy to make (Thanks Martha Stewart)

Macy opening her first present...w/ Daddy's help :)

She knew exactly what it was & was already getting excited!

Pure Excitement!!! Macy loves monkeys (part of the reason it's her nickname) she was so excited, she was laughing & clapping, she couldn't contain her joy to have her new "friend"!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Macy & Daddy :p

Macy & Daddy were playing on the bed together the other day & I couldn't help but snap some pic's of how cute they are together! After playing for a few minutes they were clapping & cheering & "woohoo" ing in the first shot.
Macy has learned quickly that Daddy likes to be rough & tumble and girls are no exception as you can see from photo # 2 she gets a quick spin upside down (& she LOVES every minute of it!)
Last but not least, photo #3 ~ Daddy always ends a wrestle session with hugs & snuggles...& Macy also LOVES every minute of those :)
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Where Are All The Pictures?? You Had To Ask...

Okay, so this whole blogging thing is still pretty new to me & since I am definitely not the most computer savvy person, I am still learning how to move my pictures from our Picasa program to my blog...since I am relying on probably the busiest man in the entire universe to help me with this task it is going to take a tad bit longer before I have more pic's on the site.
I promise I will learn this process quickly & put photos with my postings besides there's lots of good things to see...the girls room change, Macy's "fabulous" party & sooo much more. So stay tune ~ good things to come!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm a Bad, Bad Blogger...

First, let me start by saying "I'm sorry" I know I've been a bad blogger over the last week...or so...life completely caught up to me & kicked me butt! Between finishing the girls rooms, finishing the other 12 projects we started in the process of finishing the girls rooms, having a birthday party for Macy (who's now 1!!!) and keeping up with laundry, meals, shopping, homework & every other wifely duty there is...I'm pooped!
So needless to say there was so much going on during the day that I couldn't justify stopping my "projects" & duties to blog (because there is no getting on & getting off in a matter of minutes for this girl) and by the end of the night I was too wiped out, knowing I had to get up early & start the same process all over again (especially because there's no getting on & getting off in a matter of minutes for this girl).
So now that the crazy week from...you know where...is over & the "projects" are wrapped up (for now) and I can go back to concentrating on just my normal amount of craziness, I was gently reminded by my bestest bestie that I must also resume my blogging duties. So here I am back in action hopefully not to be so easily deterred again.