Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Visit To Dad's Fire Station.

Megan sitting in the drivers seat...of dad's ambulance.
It's always good to know you can count on your "wing-man" & Morgan makes a great one for Megan.
Macy wanting in on the action and daddy listening contently ( hubby looks SUPER H-O-T in that uniform!)

Marin practicing her "medic skills" in the back of the bus...
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If There's Water...There's Macy.

The morning of my birthday while I was getting treated to a pedicure my fabulous husband tuned up, vacuumed and washed my van for me (I LOVE how much he loves me!) Since he was watching Macy also, he decided to "put her to work". She was in charge of getting the outside of the van wet...
although I think she had other plans...
Macy loves loves loves water. Anything and everything that has to do with water she is ALL about it. Mark said she just walked around spraying everything, including herself.
By the time I arrived home and took these pictures she was soaked to the bone...and loving every minute of it!
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It's My Birthday..(Well It Was In April...)

The birthday cake my sweet hubby got for favorite part of this cake was the two totally different designs on the candles...I love my man! Thanks for my cake baby, your the greatest!
I didn't take a-lot of pictures on my birthday but I did get this one and it's my favorite moment of the night, Macy feel fast asleep sitting in lap and right before the girls came to sit by me they were signing to me and doing sparklers, then they all curled up around me for this photo...I loved it...I am soooo blessed!
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Sweet Sisters :)

One afternoon in early April Megan & Macy were snuggling on our bed and Mark captured the sweetness between the two of them...
Megan said something to Macy that just made her giggle and made Meg quite content to make her sister laugh :))
A quick pose from them both for the camera.
A little love...a sweet kiss...for some sweet sisters!
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Megan's 6th Birthday Celebration At School.

This year Megan lucked out, two of her classmates had birthdays on the same day as her, so between the three families we decided to share the cost and have a fun birthday lunch & games during recess at school. Megan & Macy waiting for lunch (pizza, bananas, grapes and muffins) to be served...
Daddy & Megan take a quiet moment to bless their food.
The theme for this days festivities was High School Musical (we were trying to be somewhat unisex in theme since the three birthday kids consisted of 2 girls & 1 boy). It was a great cupcake birthday cake!
Meg takes her turn whacking the pinata...
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Megan's 6th Birthday Celebration At School Continued...

Megan and her best bud, Jack :)
Megan & birthday girl #2, Ryan (who shares Meg's exact those April babies!) enjoying their cupcakes and talking about the cool prizes they caught from the pinata.
Meg & Macy sliding together on the playground during recess...
All of the kiddos working off some of the birthday sugar before heading back to the classroom. Megan showing us her "monkey bar" skills! What a great afternoon!!!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Megan turns 6!!!

After an AMAZING day celebrating Megan's birthday at school with her classmates we all gathered together for our traditional family birthday dinner, where the birthday person gets to choose the menu and in Megan's case she chose her favorite...Tacos!
Meg gets a birthday hug from big sister Morgan after opening her presents.
Megan LOVES Sponge Bob ( I mean she seriously cracks up while watching him on T.V. but let's be honest the whole family cracks up while we watch Sponge Bob!) so it only seemed right that she have an awesome Sponge Bob cake (thanks Publix...)
As you can see Megan takes making her wishes before blowing out the candles very seriously, as any good wish maker should. Happy 6th Birthday Meg-a-moo!!!
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Megan's Kindergarten Celebrates Dr. Suess's Birthday

Megan's kindergarten class lines up to get ready to sing songs & a recite poems in honor of Dr. Suess's Birthday. Megan was super excited about this program and also that her "buddy" Jackson was situated right in front of her.
This was Megan's teacher, Mrs. Lee, she was the MC for the program. She did a great job and was a WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher! We love Mrs. Lee!!!
Megan looked cute as heck in her "Cat in the Hat" costume.
Megan & her "buddy" Jackson posing for pictures after the program.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Back...I Promise!

Okay so I admit it...I have been a bad bad blogger and I apologize sincerely!

I am refocused and (hopefully) back on my game so new posts will be coming much more regularly, I can't promise everyday (no way am I that on top of my game) but for sure at least twice a week (at least that's my goal) so here you go my first couple of posts with photos! So please come back and visit me/blog because I'm back...

Macy and Grammie's Puppy

Macy-Kate has always loved Grammies puppy (Toby) but she also has always needed a few minutes to "check" him out to make sure he's "okay" and this time was no exception. She didn't realize he was sitting on the couch until she turned around and he was right there so she took a quick peek at him when she thought he wasn't really paying attention to her.
Then she decided she needed another look just from a litter further back...
Getting a little braver and a-lot closer...
Aaahhh...kisses for the puppy! As I said Macy LOVES grammies puppy :)
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Marin's 10th Birthday Celebration!!!

Marin making a wish before blowing out the candles...
Blowing out the candles! HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY MARIN!!!
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Look Who's 10!!!

A little sisterly love on Marin's 10th birthday!!
Marin showing off the necklace that macy gave her as a gift...

As you can see from Marin's expression (as well as Morgan & Megan's) she was thrilled to receive a hair studio and beads from mom & dad...lots of fun to be had by all!!!
Marin received a porcelin doll from Grammie which was a huge hit...all the girls were mesmorized by all the details of that doll.
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