Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Labor Has Begun...

These are the first pictures taken of my labor. When my labor started Mark was on duty (and on a fire call...) so during the first part of my labor while I was walking around, leaning on counters and swaying my hips (i.e. making dinner, bathing children and tucking them in) my "photographer" was fighting a fire. I truly am married to a Jack of all trades! Once he got home he was able to get some awesome photos...in this one I was saying a quick prayer, asking Heavenly Father (once again) for the strength I would need, an easy (within reason) labor/birth and for a healthy outcome.

No longer saying a prayer...contractions contractions contractions...glad that Mark was home and ready for my other moral support to arrive (Harmony).

Mark snapped a picture of my most helpful birthing tool...my yoga ball...the ONLY place I wanted to sit, rock, sway once my labor really started progressing.

Harmony (thankfully) snapped this photo...the Harvest Moon that I birthed under. If you look closely you can see the stars...
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