Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marin Turns 11 & Uncle Daryl Turns ???

Marin & Uncle Daryl are "birthday buddies". Uncle Daryl's birthday is Feb. 24th & Marin's birthday is the 25th so this year we all celebrated together! It was such a wonderful "low key" evening. We had Marin's favorite dinner (which is a Parisi birthday tradition) then onto cards, presents and best of all...CAKE!!!
Morgan and Megan were big helpers in blowing out the candles with Marin & Uncle D. Macy on the other hand is just happy to be "in the mix"...
Uncle Daryl and his girls!
Perfect way to end a birthday evening...with a little ice cream and a BIG smile! Happy Birthday Marin! Happy Birthday Uncle Daryl!
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