Monday, April 4, 2011

December's Lunar Eclipse

December 21,2010- This was to be the first total Lunar Eclipse to occur on the night of the Northern Winter Solstice since 1638. Pretty cool! This was a freezing cold night and the girls went to bed begging us to wake them up so they could watch the Lunar Eclipse that was supposed to happen around 1:30 am. Mark & I decided to wait to wake them until things really started happening. This was the first shot of the moon that night.
We woke the girls up about 2:30 am when we noticed the moon starting to "change"...(which it really didn't change that's just what Megan kept saying about it!)
It's almost gone! Only a sliver left...
It's done! We watched a total Lunar Eclipse! Something that happens once every 19 years. It was neat to watch although I think by the time it finished the girls were beyond ready for bed...a bit anti-climactic for them but an experience still the same.

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