Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What In The Heck...Where Have I Been?!

Okay has been a while. I know I know "a while" has really been more like months...but this is the deal, we have (well now it's had...) one computer that was the kids and one laptop that was Mark's work computer (which all our pictures get downloaded to) about 3 months ago the laptop (which Mark and I always joke is more like a 90 year old man with emphysema) took a "turn for the worse" and we have been unable to access our photos from the first half of this year. After a little trip to California to visit my AWESOME brother, he sent us his old computer and Mark's brother gave us his old (flat) screen monitor so we now have (what's new to us) a computer! So please forgive the first half of the year but now that I'm back in business with a computer and pictures it's on to the last half of the year!

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Suzy J said...

fix it and fix it now! Pictures and stories. NO more slacking!