Monday, September 22, 2008

Naptime Is My Nemesis

What is it about naptime that makes my child decide she no longer needs sleep? She is the most easy, angelic child all morning long. She plays in her room for a good hour to hour and a half content to walk around, dance to the music that's always on, read the plethera of books on the bookshelf, you name it she'll play with it and love every minute of it all morning long. But come naptime everything changes... oh sure she acts as if she's going to take a nap... she's happy to see me come and get her to change her diaper & have some milk before we're off to her room that so nice & cozy and waiting for her with shutters drawn ready to invite her off to "dreamland". I'll sing her a soft lullaby which she glady nestles under my chin to listen too and as I lay her down she looks at me with droopy eyes that make me think "today's the day". Today's the day she's going to sleep longer than 45 minutes. Today's the day I can get into a project because I'll be able to finish it before she wakes up. Today's the day!

WRONG!!!! Her little internal alarm clock goes off 45 minutes later and she's up ready to go for the rest of the day! Thankfully she wakes-up in a good mood & stays in one until about dinnertime...which I like to lovingly refer to as "The Bewitching Hour" but that's a story for another time.

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Suzy J said...

I can't wait for those fun times when you think you will get to clean, fold, phone call maybe eat and shower while a nap is happening...scratch it all in 45 minutes you get to pick up, dump a laundry basket on the couch, phone call in a whisper while you make yourself something to eat (who gives that up?) and wipe yourself down with a wet wipe! Keep up the good work!