Friday, April 23, 2010

It's A Christmas Tradition!

Once again, the girls Christmas 2009 photo shoot. The girls all know it's getting close to Christmas when I dress them all up (usually in some kind of matching outfits...although this year Marin asked if hers could be "a little different"...guess it's a sign of her getting older, which of course I'm going to live in denial of for a bit longer). This was one of the best ones we took out in our backyard down by the lake.

Of course there has to be one in front of the tree!

Family photo minus our photographer, Daddy. Marin-10 yrs, Morgan-8 yrs, Megan-6 yrs, Macy-2 yrs, Mckinley-3 months

Mommy & Mckinley :) I think at this point she was waaayyy over taking pictures hence her face...
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