Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Macy & Daddy :p

Macy & Daddy were playing on the bed together the other day & I couldn't help but snap some pic's of how cute they are together! After playing for a few minutes they were clapping & cheering & "woohoo" ing in the first shot.
Macy has learned quickly that Daddy likes to be rough & tumble and girls are no exception as you can see from photo # 2 she gets a quick spin upside down (& she LOVES every minute of it!)
Last but not least, photo #3 ~ Daddy always ends a wrestle session with hugs & snuggles...& Macy also LOVES every minute of those :)
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Suzy J said...

I was just wondering why Macy looked soooo much like me? I'm just sayin'!?!?!? Call me Mark!