Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Sisters Are Great !!!

The other day after Meg got home from school & showered she decided Macy wanted to play "teacher/school". So Megan started drawing different pictures on Macy's dry erase board & asked Macy to tell her what they were. Macy loves (most) every moment of Megan's animated play time & just watched her intently waiting for the right moment to chime in...

Meg's drawing of a witch (lots of Halloween costume talk around our house lately)

Megan pointing to the different parts of the witch (she's been learning about digestion in school & was pretending that Macy was telling her where the witch's mouth was, esophagus was, etc.) Again, Macy was just watching intently in the background...waiting for the right moment to make her voice heard...

Macy chiming in...with squeals of delight!!! It's so great to have big sisters to entertain you with their imaginations !!!

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