Sunday, December 20, 2009

Halloween (A Little Late...)

Sorry I was a bit slow on getting our Halloween pictures up but before the New Year gets here...better late than never, right!??! Here's Macy getting her Witches hat on & ready to go!
The 3 big girls with Macy...Mckinley was getting changed. I LOVE Morgan & Macy's poses in this one! You can totally tell that they're my children and that I've had a camera in their faces since they were teeny tiny.
All 5 girls together...Marin was a Queen of the Darkness, Morgan was a Gypsy, Megan was a Fairy, Macy was the cutest Witch EVER and Mckinley was a Bunny.
Halloween Family Photo!
Just in case you were wondering Mark is sporting his Grizzly Adams bread & I'm wearing my "new mom nursing" costume.
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