Sunday, December 20, 2009

Morgan And A Great Big Swing!

After the climbing tower all the kids got a turn on the "swing"...Morgan was super excited to do this, she couldn't wait till it was her turn (although her sweet little self waited very patiently & encouraged all her friends that went before her!) At this point Morgan had just been latched into the harness & swing, climbed up the ladder, been given her instructions by the staff member and was now being hoisted up, up,up to the top...and she wanted to go all the way to the top!
There she is at the highest point you can go which is about 45 feet up! At this point she is holding onto a small yellow rope that keeps her connected to the pulley system and tells (or should I say yells..) to all of us that she's getting ready to let go...
There she goes...I don't think she realized just how high up she had been until she got there and had to let go! She swung for about 2 minutes back & fourth before she slowed down and was low enough for the staff member to grab her feet and pull her back to the ladder and unclipped her harness and let her climb back down to solid ground.
Thumbs up! That was a great afternoon!
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