Monday, December 21, 2009

Morgan's First Climb!

Morgan went to a birthday party at the YMCA Alpine Climbing Tower and she was fearless! She couldn't wait to get harnessed up and start climbing...this photo is of her at the base of the 45 ft. tower getting ready to ask her "belayer" for permission to start her climb.

She was like a little monkey, she flew up this part of the tower!

Morgan made short work of the rope sections and the middle perch, now on to the top!

If you look close you can see her at the very top left hand corner post. By the time she got there she didn't have quite enough arm strength to pull herself onto the top platform but man oh man was she AWESOME!!!! Watching her climb up practically to the very top (she went higher than all but one of the boys in her class!) with out any fear...she was my hero!!! Great job Morgan!!!
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Ceperich Family said...

I just loved it !!! So happy to find your blog !!!!!!!!! Love you so much , you have a special place in my heart forever :)