Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marin's 5th Grade Capybara Project

Marin's 5th grade class (& Morgan's 3rd grade class) did a black light rainforest this year. It's pretty cool...they use a multi-purpose room and set up a maze of nets that led us through the "rainforest" and past all the kids animals plus it's all done in black light. It's a very cool project (but one that takes a fair amount of work...) This was the beginning of Mark putting together the "frame" of the Capybara that Marin chose as her animal.
Mark used 14 gauge wire and wrapped it and "knotted" it together before they could start the paper mache part of the project...oh, did I mention that the whole thing had to be done with paper mache...
Marin looked sooo very excited while she blow dried the paper mache so that they could paint the Capybara (it needed to be black light ready!)
The finished Capybara...with glowing black light whiskers and all!
Morgan's Jaguar pictures soon to follow...
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