Thursday, November 18, 2010

Father's Day Picnic

June 19, 2010- Father's Day picnic at Ken Thompson park. We spent the afternoon BBQ'ing with family and friends while the kiddos swam and played. It was a great afternoon...the weather was beautiful, the water was warm and we were able to celebrate the dad's in our lives that we love so much! Ken Thompson park is at the very end of City Island and the playground and picnic area are practically right on the water. So of course it didn't take long before all the kiddos were in the water having a ball! Macy being one of the first ones in...
Cousins! Morgan, Macy, Rachel & Megan stop for a brief (& I mean brief) moment so I can snap this photo. This is the only picture that I took that had more than Macy & Rachel in it. Every time I had my camera in hand the big kids were off in the mangrove trails having a blast!
I love this picture! It's Rachel & Macy playing in the shallows together...(they are two peas in a pod...they love each other so much!) I love the just shows how very much we live in paradise. I remember a friend of mine saying "we live where other people travel to on vacation"...that has always stuck with me and I think this photo emulates that statement perfectly!
Aunt Teresa with Macy & Erin with Rachel take the little ones out for a paddle on the kayak. What a great day that day was!

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