Friday, November 12, 2010

Mother's Day

May 9,2010 - We spent Mother's Day (after church) at Grandma Penny's. It was a wonderful afternoon spent together with family and you can see from the above picture the older kiddos and cousins were enthralled with something on the computer. It never ceases to amaze me how a small technological device has such a "magnetic" pull.
The little ones (Macy, a family friends daughter & Rachel) spent their time outside in the backyard. There were a few moments like this one where I would look out to check on them and all three would be sitting so sweetly on the bench just watching the lake and enjoying one another. Definitely one of my favorite photos of the day!
The grill master hard at work!
Uncle Jeff loving on baby Mckinley (7 months old).
Sweet picture of Uncle Mark & our nephews, J.P. & Garett.
Not so sweet picture of Uncle Mark & our nephews... well... Garett still looks sweet :)
Mark's momma...Grandma Penny & Mckinley
The two red heads checking each other out...
My momma...Grammie!
We are soooo grateful to our mother's. We love you so very much! Thank-you for all you do for us. Happy Mother's Day!

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