Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quote of the Day!

Okay so my bestest of best friends does a spot on her blog called "Quote of the Day" and I always love reading the cute quips her kiddos am adopting this into my blog. So here goes with our first one...

This morning Mark & I were in the bedroom, Mark was going through some paperwork & I was changing the sheets on the bed when Macy came into our room.

Macy - "Mommy what are you doing?" in the sweetest most curious of voices.

Me - "I'm changing my bed sheets"

Macy - "Why are you doing that?"

Me - "I have to take the dirty ones off so I can wash them and then I put the clean ones on because it's sooo nice to have a nice clean bed"

Macy - "Ohhhh...I see... Can I help you?"

Me- "Sure, I would love that"

As we worked together to make the bed she stopped turned to Mark & I and said...
Macy - "I know why you change the sheets on the bed...because you want to snuggle me! "

Me -"I do?"

Macy - "'s okay we're almost done so then you can snuggle me!"

I love that kid! I love that she thinks the reason bed sheets get changed are so I can snuggle her! I love that she has such a sweet heart and that she is such a snuggle bug!

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