Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Momma's Homemade Goulash & Lion Rolls

I am learning to (dare I say it...) love cooking.
In my attempts to step outside of my "cooking box" I'm always trying new recipes.
Here's my hot off the stove (you can see the steam rolling off of it!) dutch oven goulash and my first try at homemade Lion rolls. They actually came out a-lot better than I thought they would :) but with as many times as you have to let them rise, they truly make for a time consuming venture though.
Certainly a scrum-dilly-ishous dinner! (Thanks babe for loving dinner so much that night that you took photos!)
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Amateur Cook said...

What a spread. A scrumdiddleyumptious (to quote Ned Flanders) goulash with fresh baked bread rolls to sop up the juices. Bravo!