Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our First Day In Washington, D.C.

August 28, 2010 - Our first full day in Washington! We spent the entire day sight seeing, we walked everywhere! We started our morning bright and early...out of the hotel and walking to the Metro by 8:30 am (which for those of you that know us well, with 5 little girls 8:30 is pretty early for us!) So, of course before we could begin we had to get a quick snapshot of the girls and I outside our hotel.

We walked to the Metro station where had breakfast, helped a bird get untangled from a rope, checked out the freedom bell then onto a near by park where we took these beautiful pictures of the girls sitting in front of the fountains and the foliage. They are some cute kiddos I must say!
Across for the park was this great shot of the Capitol Building with Mark and his girls!
On the steps of the Capitol Building.

We had so much fun!

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Aubrie & Landen said...

Looks like you guys had soooo much fun! Sure love ya!