Friday, December 3, 2010

Saying Good-Bye Is Always Easier Over Lunch.

The day Ford & Samantha left to go back to L.A. a bunch of us met for lunch for one last "good-bye". Saying good-bye to my brother is never easy for me (you'd think I'd be use to it after all these years...we've definitely had our fair share of practice...) but the one thing I have found that makes it not quite as hard...doing it over a meal. If there's a bunch of us then there's plenty to talk about without being able to dwell on the fact that their leaving and if our bellies are full then the tears stay at bay. At least until after we've said our good-byes and I'm in the car and can do the ugly cry. This was a great "good-bye" meal filled with family that I love and a brother that I adore!
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