Saturday, January 1, 2011

Megan's Box Parade

October 28, 2010 - Every year at Pine View the 2nd graders put on a box parade that the whole school comes out to see and cheer for. Mark has talked about making a fire truck since Marin's box parade and this was the year and Megan was the lucky one that received the accolades of all his hard work! This is the finished product. Front view.
Of course in true Mark fashion it had to have as many realistic features as he could make such as the gauges, the Axe, on the other side there's a ladder...
and let's not forget the hose or turn signals...
The work space that was once Macy's play dough area.
A few final touches before the big day.
That morning was great! Mark hooked her up with a uniform, hat and even fire boots & gloves!
She looked AWESOME!
Megan's class for a group shot with Ms. Hershberger.
It's so great to have such a cool dad!

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