Monday, January 10, 2011

Quote Of The Day

I couldn't help but post this because it was so sweet ( & Mark actually found it quite amusing...) while we were finishing the end of dinner tonight our conversation had turned to a topic that our oldest daughter brought up and of course Morgan & Megan both chimed in with their opinions (as younger sisters often do). Marin was telling us about a young man at their school & showing us the video recap of how cute he is that she took with her cell phone (thank goodness for cell phone videos what ever did we do before those?!) I use the word "young man" because he is a junior so I would say young man is appropriate.

Anyway, this 11 grader, who they say is a Taylor Lautner look-a-like and from the video he actually does look A-LOT like him (everyone at this point has to know that Taylor Lautner plays Jacob in the Twilight series) well of course all the 6th grader girls (aka Marin & her friends) think he is just the cutest thing since...well...Taylor himself. So she was telling us about him and how they all like to swoon over him (completely innocently, it is so fun to listen to my daughter with her first "crush") and of course telling us how amazing he must be, etc. Then the conversation got more went something like this:

Mom - "Marin did you ever take into consideration that maybe he isn't that nice of a boy?"

Marin - "No way mom. He's really nice. I know because he was in the talent show with me last year"

Megan - With COMPLETE AND TOTAL sarcasm in her voice "Of course you know him...because your act followed his in the show" then as she laughed at her own sense of "good humor" she added a smirk for good measure.

Mark - Again with fun loving COMPLETE sarcasm (I'm noticing a trend of sarcasm here...maybe we should work on that) "Of course he must be nice because he's soooo good looking, all good looking people are nice."

Next was the best part....

Morgan - Without hesitation she said "That's right dad, look at you! Your nice AND good looking! Your funny too!"

Soooo sweet. She meant every word of that last line. Mark thought it was absolutely amusing (OK...that's my take on it...he just corrected me as he reads over my shoulder and says that he thought it was absolutely hilarious!) He got quite a chuckle out of it. As we all did. Man I love my kiddos, each and every one of them.

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