Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guess Where we're Going?!?!

October 2, 2010 - It was the Saturday morning before Macy's birthday. Mark & I got the kiddos up bright and early while it was still plenty dark outside (the sun hadn't even begun to break it's first light) and loaded them into the car still in their jammies. With their pillows and blankets they groggily started asking us where we were going?
Mark & I played it off as no big deal, stopping to get some breakfast, jamming to the music and just having a good 'ol time on the road together!
Then about 2 hours later (after many whisperings of where we were heading) they saw the sign! Walt Disney World!!!!!
Lots of squeals and screams of delight!
Shouts of happiness and joy!
Even some disbelief that it was actually true!
After we took some time to park, change into our clothes, get sunscreen (an absolute MUST on our fair skin) into the park we headed! After getting our tickets (Thank-you "Give-a-day Get-a-day volunteer program!) and riding the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom, going through security and taking a few pictures in front of the train station...we were in! First with Pluto! We have a photo of Marin (from her very 1st Disney trip at age 2) with Pluto. So to see him right off the bat and compare how she's grown was really cool! Before we even got into Main street we had seen Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Bell, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. It completely reminded me of when I was little and my dad would take us to Disney...all the characters would be right in the town square so you could see them when you first came into the park. It was AWESOME!!!
Of course, you can't go to the magic Kingdom and not take a pictures in front of the castle!

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