Friday, January 7, 2011

We Love Glenn Beck!!!

Mark & I went to see the America Revival Tour at the UCF campus in Orlando and it was absolutely amazing! We had incredible seats (not sure how we have gotten so lucky this year but out of the 3 events we've gone to we were able to be in the perfect "spots" for all of them) The American Revival was a few hours packed FULL of the most amazing information and speakers, all geared around our history as a country, both political and religious.
Pat & Stew out in the audience.
Our seats were right where Glenn came in and out of the auditorium, this was the path that lead up to the stage. The photo is a bit blurry (sorry) but you can see Glenn's head 2nd from the stairs as he prepared to go on stage. Right before I took this photo he had been waiting in that staging area for the speaker who was on stage to finish and as he waited he was looking around at the audience he could see from that area and he caught eyes with me. Mckinley is who I think truly caught his eye, she was about 6 months old and was fast asleep in my sling & since my sling seems to be a "conversation piece" (as not enough people use them). He stopped to look at her in my sling then he motioned to ask if she was sleeping...I nodded that she was and then he gave me a look I will never forget. He placed his hand on his heart with a grateful smile, then kissed his hand and leaned it toward me and mouthed the words "Thank-You". It was the briefest of moments but one that I will always truly cherish. I know that Beck is a controversial figure in our society today (especially among members of my own family...) but having "moments" like this one and knowing that he is a member in good standing in the Church, that he believes the same things we do, that he holds a current Temple recommend all lend weight that he is a good, strong, courageous man who truly loves the Lord and wants people to educate themselves in our country's history. Not that you have to believe or agree with the things he says just that you will find out for yourself. That you will read, learn and pray. Sound familiar my LDS family?!
The Judge...He gave an AWESOME speech/lecture on the American Judicial system. It was a beautiful day and a great event! One that I was super grateful to have gone to and to do it along side my best friend & Beck man.
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