Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's Swing!

December 2, 2010 - One of Macy's FAVORITE things to do in the whole world is swing! She probably asks me everyday at least a half a dozen times...we have a great swing in our backyard that Mark attached to one of our trees. The only problem is that because the trees branch only had one space where the swing would be level (anyone that knows my man knows that all things done must be done there's no hanging a second swing from a unleveled branch) so even though we have a "baby swing" and a "big kid swing" we have to detach one and put up the other when swinging kiddos. Which for all those that know me...this process is waaaayyy to much of a pain in the backside. So on this day we put the baby swing up and let Mckinley get the first turn (since she's usually the one who goes without a turn since I HATE changing out the swings...) and boy did she absolutely LOVE it!
She LOVES that Mark will pushes her so high! It is crazy to me that she leans so far forward but she loves every minute of it :)
I think daddy does too!
Nothing like feeling the breeze in your hair...
Then it was Macy's turn...and daddy always pushes her really high! Usually the conversation goes like this:
Macy - "Daddy you have to push me higher"
Daddy - "How's this?"
Macy - "Not high enough daddy...higher please"
Daddy - "How's that?"
Macy - *insert deep heavy sigh* "Daddy...I would like to touch the tops of the trees PLEASE!!!"
Daddy - "O.K. hang on"
Macy - Laughs, giggles and squeals of shear happiness.
This is her "YES...Now that was how high I wanted" grin.
I hope that her love of high "flying" doesn't turn into anything other than her bum sitting on a swing. No jumping out of planes or off the sides of mountains in this family!
Nothing but smiles :)
Especially on daddy!

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