Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where Dreams Really Do Come true!

Next it was onto Tomorrow Land for Buzz Lightyear ride (soooo fun!) and Space Mountain (thought it was fun as a kid but even better to do with my own kiddos!) from there it was off to see Mickey & Minnie's houses. The girls posing in front of Minnie's fireplace.
Not only did we get to see, hug & take pictures with Mickey but MINNIE was there too! I was SOOOOO excited! I have never gotten to see them both together let alone for pictures! I think ( I KNOW...) I was more happy about this opportunity than my kiddos :)The Dumbo ride is a classic...Daddy & Macy rode together, Marin & Morgan and Meg and I. So much fun and worth the wait (it was one of the longest lines all day...25 minutes...not too bad)
A great day full of characters...Woody & Jesse and my whole clan!
Macy is OBSESSED with Toy Story so she was pretty much glued to Woody the whole time. She gave him a huge hug and then set up camp in his lap.
Mckinley and I after getting wet on the bridge to Splash Mountain...
The girls enjoying the constant "splashes" from Splash Mountain...
One of our favorite spots that day!
Thunder Mountain Railroad was a blast! We stayed like this pretty much the whole ride (I had one hand in the air, laughing & screaming & one hand on Morgan because I was positive if I didn't hold onto her her skinny little body would fly right out the side of the cart!) Oh and don't mind those "duds" in front of us...not sure where they thought they were but H-E-L-L-O it's Disney and your on a SUPER F-U-N roller coaster...

This was one of my most favorite photos (of course trying to get it was a bit of a challenge as always with 5 kiddos). We were right across from Tom Sawyer's Island and it was towards the end of the afternoon and Mckinley was being a stinker. We always tell the girls stay looking at the camera and let the "photographer" get Mckinley to smile...they're all looking at me but she wouldn't so each time I would take the camera away from my eye so she can she my face. She looks at me and smiles but the minute I put the camera up to take the picture she would turn her head (little punk) it took...aaaahhh...let's just say quite a few "trys" but this is the one I was able to (finally) get with her looking at the camera and (thankfully) smiling!
This is the one that came immediately after because at that point I was snapping away and I also caught her turning her I said...little punk-a-lishious.
At the end of the night the electric light parade and fire works show helped us closes out what was an extraordinary day spent together. Just our family making memories that will last a lifetime!

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