Monday, January 10, 2011

Is It Too Early To Call Them Bach & Beethoven?!

December 11, 2010 - Marin and Morgan's very first piano recital. They have worked all year (Marin started in Jan. & Morgan followed in Feb.) and they have two times a year to "showcase" their talents. In March they go to a festival (which neither one was ready for this past year) so the next event is the Christmas recital. They were so excited (a little nervous) but they worked hard the last few weeks leading up to the recital and they did AWESOME!
Marin & Morgan getting in a quick practice (to get a feel for a different piano) before their recital started.
Meg was by their side the whole time...she can't wait till it's her turn to start playing!
Not sure why we didn't take any pictures while they were actually performing but neither one of us thought to pick up the camera (Boo hiss...bad parents...) we must have been so completely mesmerized by how AMAZING they did on their pieces! Here's a shot of our little pianist after they were done.
A cute shot of our little ones in pink...they were both so happy they didn't have to sit still anymore :)
All our girls!
Morgan & Marin with their INCREDIBLE piano teacher, Ms. Sung!

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