Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Last Day In D.C.

Of course we could not just get up and drive home...we had daylight and a few more things to see! So after packing up the hotel room and loading it into the car we headed out to make the most of our last day. After securing our tickets for the Washington Monument (which we had not done yet) we found this little park outside of the parking garage (since parking in D.C. is INSANE) and enjoyed a bite of lunch. I adore this photo of Mark & Macy with her wildflowers!
I swear there isn't a space in this town where you don't absolutely have some amazing structure in the background! One of the reasons I fell in love with D.C.
My girls! I love how Marin is totally oblivious to the photo being taken because she's too busy texting...
Sweet Mckinley loved walking around in the soft grass...there's no such thing as soft grass in Florida.
She is without a doubt her mother's daughter...a total and complete cheese ball! LOVE IT!!!
After lunch we headed for the monument so we wouldn't miss our time slot or our chance to go to the top before we headed out of town. This is the elevator doors at the base on the inside of the monument.
The girls were enthralled with all that could be seen from that high up!
A girls group shot at the top!
The White House
Lincoln Memorial
World War ll Memorial
Macy between Mark & I on the elevator ride back down...she is such a cutie!
We weren't able to take anymore pictures but after this we went to the Holocaust museum (which was the one & only place Marin requested to see) it was really cool to take the girls there. I thought they might be saddened by it but they really soaked up the experience and asked tons of questions and then were introspective with the answers. After that we headed to Georgetown for dinner and my only requested place...D.C. cupcakes. So we picked up a few treats for the road and home we went.

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